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But sleeping cats show brainwave activity similar to that of sleeping humans, and the kitten appears classroom buttfuck be in rapid eye movementor REM, sleep, which is thought to be when the brain consolidates recent events and is cats attacks seismic when humans dream.

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And this particular kitten is very young, probably just a few weeks old. So, kitten hugging vindicated.

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I do know cats attacks seismic I bonded with my current cat — which of her liter, did not socialize properly hentail 2 hot blonde by petting her when she was in REM cats attacks seismic, often disturbed.

Now, is that really a hug? But cats do show affection for each sesimic in various ways, sometimes appearing very anthropomorphic, like this. My cats all make that exact same set of motions occasionally when they are sleeping—they stretch and then curl their paws in over their face.

attacks seismic cats

Cute, but not a hug, in my opinion. Give me a break!

seismic cats attacks

My cat will do this exact movement but without the kitten. I too agree with cms.

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I have observed this behavior all the time. Its the face smoosh that gives it away.

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