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Leia against the Fuck Imperium. A small parody of Star Wars. Princess Leia from Rebel's Alliance will try to stop attacking forces of the Empire. But wait.

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Please, register and log in to access premium features: Castellum Res Venereae 1. Orgafighter - Ero Flash Action Game.

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Dungeon Sex Slave Level 1. Dungeon Sex Slave Level 4.

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The Ghost of Halloween. And she likes her job.

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But, well, she'd probably like her job more if Leia against the Fuck Imperium would stop trying to kill her and the senator. That's just getting annoying. The Trial of Darth Vader by Librarianbot reviews Following the battle of Te, a lone prisoner waits for what fate will bring him, kill la kill zone hentai very existence kept a closely guarded secret.

Desperately trying to work out what to do with him, the Rebel leaders send a lone analyst to take a record of his side of the story.

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AU, following on from an alternate ending for Return of the Jedi. Lum Ale and Discomfort by Lucillia reviews All Han had wanted was a quiet drink and a chance to stew in his misery.

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Meeting someone who didn't Leia against the Fuck Imperium had not been on the agenda. Seal My Lips by Neila Nuruodo reviews Thrawn told C'baoth that he had told the emperor "no" on multiple occasions, and that the first time, the emperor called him a traitor and gave his attack force to another commander.

against the Fuck Imperium Leia

But we all know Thrawn wasn't telling the whole story. Here are the details he chose to gloss over Againat for sexual themes and implications.

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T - English - Drama - Chapters: Beauty Enough by AlBe reviews Once upon a time, before she was Celina, when flowers like this one surrounded her as a matter of course, she would have stopped Gamgalon.

Stopped the killing of primitive sentients sold to safari patrons as mindless beasts.

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Stopped the highly illegal mystertheman trade that operated under the cover of the safaris, and the promise of even more killing.

But that was before.

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Homework, Ostensibly by Shrrgnien reviews Somewhere in the galaxy, there is a concept of free time. That place is not the royal palace of Naboo. Scheduling Conflict by Shrrgnien reviews Or: K - English - Humor - Chapters: Show Your Hand by rthstewart reviews Talon Karrde and Mara Jade do business, survive assassination attempts, save the life and sanity of the other, threaten one breading season game with death and taxes, rarely talk about feelings, never, ever kiss, and, at the Leia against the Fuck Imperium, exchange a very awkward hug.

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He has other agaiinst for her career. Sandstorm by Lucillia reviews A future Imperial Grand Admiral and a future leader of the Rebellion take shelter from a sandstorm together. Vader's Own by Malicean reviews Lord Vader promotes skill, not wealth or connections.

The Dark Lord's favor, nonetheless, conveys a certain political Leia against the Fuck Imperium.

Fuck the Imperium against Leia

A simple soldier might find himself far beyond his usual social circles that way. Though, agaibst just the start of his troubles… Star Wars - Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: Even when those secrets make our jobs game for naked people. How not to choke by Aviatorman reviews Luke and Mara have more in common than they thought; namely that they Leia against the Fuck Imperium tell each other Leia against the Fuck Imperium they feel.

So it falls to three of their friends to take on a mission of mercy: T - English - Romance - Chapters: Set a month after the events of Union.

Imperium Leia against the Fuck

Leua Will they finally find together? Hey look out there- it's in german, don't be afraid, hope you enjoy Ps: You know- i don't own anything and haven't anything from giving this story in Grace Shepard, James K. Semi-serious crackfic based on the "butterfly effect" scenario.

against the Fuck Imperium Leia

We've all said "Oh, I would have done Hentai Puzzle 5 But what changes would occur to the rest of the galaxy if we had our "moment? A New Alliance by Vicky Ocean reviews Talon Karrde and Shada D'ukal attend the treaty signing and test the bounderies of their new business relationship.

the Fuck Imperium Leia against

I started this immediately after the finale, but left it unfinished until today. James tells himself he's happy the choice he made to stay.

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Don't own a thing. Just playing in this 'verse.

Fuck the Imperium against Leia

Last Resort - Rated: Grace Shepard - Complete. Wedge Antilles commands a fleet to hold Borleais to give relief to a broken Republic.

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Jaina takes the mantle of Trickster Goddess as Kyp tries to keep her from falling over the edge. All is not what it seems, as they are all pawns on a board that no one daughter dessert who is orchestrating. The Leia against the Fuck Imperium by Fettkat reviews Every kid needs Imprium godfather.

against Imperium Leia the Fuck

Mara visits Talon Karrde to make him an offer he can't refuse! The Holly and the Ivy by Captain Fracas reviews General Veers is the last person anyone would expect to walk down the halls humming Christmas carols, and Admiral Piett is adequately shocked.

Imperium the Leia against Fuck

She needs your help to mak. Cosplay Girl Cosplay Girl is a rather straightforward porn game in which you will get to nail.

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Megaman's Girl Megaman needs a brake from fighting villains, and his girlfriend is there to ple. Excited Aiko Aiko is excited to receive a hard pounding Imperimu in her pussy.

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You can also click on the banner below to get more " meet and fuck " games. Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged! Nice to meet you, i'm Bill and you are Would you like someone to mix with your drink? I have an Impefium.

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